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SinoSweet Co., Ltd. is a modern, dynamic and expanding Chinese private enterprise located in Yixing City.
SinoSweet specializes in the manufacturing of high quality Aspartame, the low calorie and intensive sweetener of choice.The annual capacity is 10,000mt.
SinoSweet and its shareholders take great pride in its professional management and highly skilled and dedicated workforce. SinoSweet is proud of its achievements and its contribution to the society and the environment. SinoSweet is highly market-oriented and attaches the utmost importance to the development of close relations, partnerships and professional interaction with its customers, distributors and suppliers.
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阿斯巴甜简介 产品成份 基本物理和化学数据 物理、化学和微生物测试 产品特点 包装/运输/贮存 特色和优点 产品名称:汉光牌阿斯巴甜 产品应用 汉光牌甜味剂的阿斯巴甜种类
SinoSweet Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Aspartame and L Phenylalanine, the main raw material for Aspartame manufacturing. This backward integration into the main raw material ensures SinoSweet's independence and competitiveness.
SinoSweet’s manufacturing is supported by a strong R&D team and a strict Quality Control system.Different grades of its products are manufactured in conformity with EP5.0;USP30/NF25;FCCV and GS standards.
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